Web Technologies

The internet is a primary communication tool for individuals, communities, businesses and corporates. Web technologies essentially allow this communication happen smoothly over the internet. Digitera Technologies helps in full design and development of website, along with all the related services like Branding, e- commerce portal development, Content management System and Data management.

Website design and development : A great website is essential to a successful business. Given how connected individuals and businesses are, a functional and responsive website that reflects your business can be considered your best sales tool.Read More »

E-Commerce : Simply put, e-commerce is buying and selling of products and services over internet. An e-commerce website makes this task happen with ease of offering all the products at one stop, at the click of button. Businesses can have the advantages of e-commerce by going online with full-fledged, efficient e-commerce website. Read More »

Branding : Branding is very important mile stone in a company's journey from establishment to consolidating market share. Marketing may contribute to a brand, but the branding is bigger than any particular marketing effort. A brand is no longer just an expression of your identity or management of your reputation. Read More »

Content Management System : A CMS is designed to simplify the publication of a web site’s content. CMS in particular allows content creators to change or manage the content without requiring them to know HTML coding or the technical knowledge of uploading files. Read More »